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We strive to ensure continuity of education through social media platforms. As well as collaboration with youth leaders.We challenge young leaders to apply their leadership skills in their schools and communities by implementing structure and ongoing initiative which will improve personal wellness and employability.
Girl Called Africa will offer the following services to teens aged 13 - 19 and women in various working environments:
1. ESUBA Workshops

Turning abuse around through education. A 2-hour workshop including pre and post workshop surveys as well as reporting thereof

2. #ichooseme Pledge


During workshops, teens will be offered the opportunity to make a pledge to themselves to make improved life choices, say no to abuse and uplift themselves and their peers

3. Employability Workshops


To reduce unemployment and equip school leavers with the necessary CV, interview skills and preparation for the recruitment process. A 2-hour workshop

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Brenda Meyer

As an abuse survivor, founding Girl Called Africa came from a very personal place for Brenda. She has worked in service-oriented careers locally and internationally since she was 16 years old and in 1998 she completed her Diploma in Public Relations and Tourism starting a career in hospitality. 

Training and development was always her passion. It was when she changed careers into Business Development for a National Training company, that the tremendous need of preventative education was re-affirmed and the open space in the breaching period from schooling to employment. In her various positions in management over the past 18 years, Brenda- has personally developed and facilitated a variety of training material. She believes in learning in a fun but structured environment and addressing learners in a language they will understand. 


“As a single mother I realised that change starts with me; and that I should use my personal experiences to teach the youth and create a better South Africa for my daughter and others. If I can save just 1 life every day, my job is done!“

Bulelwa Mtombeni


Bulelwa act as Treasurer for GCA and is fully committed to the success of all their students and leaders.

She is the mother of a 7-year-old girl and currently working for Engen Petroleum at the Cape Town Distribution Centre as an Administration controller and registered internal.


Having lived in a township and seen the effect abuse, in all its forms has on young women, Bulelwa was moved when Brenda approached her with the opportunity to do something to help and contribute to GCA.


“Education is the best gift to bestow on any person and the idea of bridging the gap between township school kids and bursary providers has me very excited, as our kids usually have no idea how to take the next step after matric.”

   Rushaan Toefy
   Deputy Treasurer

Rushaan acts as Deputy Treasurer for GCA and is committed to create opportunity for kids in abusive relationships. She wants to plant a seed in their young and impressionable minds of perspective, hope and self-love.

Rushaan is a successful business woman who owns her own Financial Company in Cape Town and is the mother of____

Rushaan grew up in poverty stricken neighbourhoods and has seen how poverty has moulded behaviour and engraved limiting self-belief and self-love within the people (toddlers, teenagers, young and mature adults) in these communities. This cycle continues from generation to generation with devastating consequences in all aspects of their lives. She was fortunate that through the strength and foresight of her parents, she managed to escape the status quo through education and healthy adult guidance. 


“It is vital that GCA projects succeed as there are many, many, many kids out there in communities, who lives below the poverty lines, who needs to be reached and who need to receive the help in breaking the destructive cycle they may find themselves in.”

Nathali Bloomberg

Nathali acts as Secretary for Girl Called Africa and works for Nosa Logistics, a training and development company.


Nathali comes from working with the Department of Community Safety, where her passion to be involved with communities and youth started. She was called for Duty at the Department of the Premier to assist with community development work and was abroad for 1 year.


"The youth in general need help and people they can relate too. We need to secure the future of the next leaders of the country to come and just make it a better place, an equal place for men and woman, where we can equip them with the tools and I think GCA gives that platform for them."

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